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Our Story

Authentic and stylish fashion that gives back to the community

Authentic, Unique, Stylish

Mitali Pattnaik - founder & Bryna Hubbs - creative director working on FABRIQ designs

Mitali Pattnaik - founder & Bryna Hubbs - creative director working on FABRIQ designs


At FABRIQ we want to bring authenticity back to fashion.

Every product we buy has a story. Where was it made? What is it made from? Who made it? Much of our fashion today has lost its connection to the materials, places and people that made it. We want to change that.

Being authentic does not mean giving up on style! Our bags stay true to their heritage while being modern, functional and absolutely stylish.



Labor of love

Mitali & Bryna come from very different backgrounds but they met and bonded in San Francisco over their shared love of fashion.

Mitali grew up in India and moved to the US for college. She has spent over a decade in Silicon Valley working in product management and marketing roles at Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and Twitter. 

Bryna is a Bay Area native, a fashion designer, and artist. She was the founder of her own very successful line of handbags -  Bryna Nicole - for 7 years. 



Ancient techniques meet modern design

India has a rich handloom tradition. FABRIQ bags are made with hand woven textiles from the state of Orissa (aka Odisha.) Looms used by our weavers are hundreds of years old, and their techniques date back to the 11th Century. 

Its our joy to bring their stories to you in the form of contemporary fashion.

Giving Back

FABRIQ will donate a portion of our Kickstarter proceeds as well as future sales, to a wonderful non-profit organization called Educate Girls. Educate Girls is based in Mombai, India and work at the grassroots level – both in urban slums and in poor rural areas - to keep girl children enrolled in school.   

Educate Girls aims to provide every girl child the potential to enter the formal economy, gain employment and lift their families out of poverty.